Our commitment to customer service

It’s not everyday we get the kind of praise that makes you sit back and feel proud of your team and the company I have built from scratch.

It’s our commitment to providing the highest possible customer care, providing transparent quotes and going the extra mile to help our customers getting praise like this reinforces this and drives me and the team forward. Below is just a few quotes which make me extremely proud of my team and the company.


“Not east for a garage to build up such a strong reputation, especially amongst female customers -you should be very proud!”

H. Belles

“I love AG. They came out on a rainy Christmas Eve evening a few years ago to help a friend who had locked her keys in the car with kids in. It was late dark and raining, but they stayed until they managed to get the door open (without any damage) and didn’t accept any payment.

And I have always been able to trust them when they tell me work needs doing on my car because they have told me in the past when it doesn’t need it!

They also get involved in community events like local fete’s with sponsorship. I highly recommend them!!”

S. Edis

“I’ve seen people ask about reliable local garages on here and I just wanted to say how fantastic AG Motors were to me today. I had an accident yesterday and was towed back to them, long after they had closed for the night, leaving a scribbled message through their letterbox. Rang this morning to explain abandonment of the car and they ordered two new tyres, fitted them, checked the car for further damage and we were able to collect it tonight. Completely taken aback by the amazing service in our village. Thank you!”

L. Lightfoot

Thank you

Aaron Ginn

Managing Director


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