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This is a project we are very proud of at AG. Last year we were tasked with turning this BMW into a first response Ambulance for MagPas.

This was by no means and easy task but we were more than up for a challenge to ensure we could turn this into a vital life saver on the road!.

First off the outside of the BMW had to have the graphics made and applied to the car.

Next we had to figure out wiring in all the blue sirens which by no means was a simple task as this is vital for the BMW to be noticed on the road and swiftly cut through traffic to attend patients etc. Speed is of the essence in this case.

Then we moved onto the inside of the BMW installing the airwave system this amazing system enables the drivers/passengers of the car to communicate with 999 control centre relaying vital info for these life savers to be on the scene with all the relevant information.

MagPas is very close to our heart and we felt especially privileged to be able to create this for MagPas and get it out on the road saving lives!

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