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A few months ago a customer came to us with an idea that he wanted something more from his Audi already being a show car and having airride, he felt it was lacking something!

The Audi was a 1.8t and FWD and he wanted something unique and something we feel Audi should have made from the factory.

That something was a 2.7 bi-turbo engine and there’s no point having those extra cylinders and power without going Quattro too!

That’s when project bi-turbo was born. The engine itself was sourced from an Audi Allroad being the same engine that was also used in the B5 S4 the only real difference is the ECU and as the customer would be having it mapped to stage one on completion after which there is no difference. As everyone knows these engines are highly tuneable and can achieve above 500bhp!

A big factor in this conversion was the customer wanted it to look as if it came out of the Audi factory like it so the challenge was accepted!

Car came in and we got to work stripping the 1.8t removing fuel tank rear subframe etc getting it ready for the 2.7t lump!.

After this we set about partially stripping down the 2.7t as they are prone to oil leaks from gaskets etc so all seals and gaskets were replaced. Anything that needed replacing was replaced to ensure the longevity of the engine.

As to be expected all major service items were also replaced e.g. cambelt etc along with new clutch and flywheel for the new 6 speed gearbox.

We then got started on installing the Quattro system which luckily on a B6 A4 is bolt on probably one of the only Audi shapes where the floorpan isn’t different between FWD and Quattro all the major fixing points already exist. On went rear Quattro subframe, fuel tank and rear dif which was also matched to the new 6 speed gearbox. One thing missing from the conversion is the propshaft mounting brackets which we had to weld onto the floorpan in the correct position. The rear airbags for the airride kit were also installed at this point too.

Next up was the loom basically in this case we had to splice the 1.8t plugs onto the 2.7t loom and ensure the correct wires went into the correct plugs so that the ECU can read whats going on and the dash warning lights etc were all hooked up.

Once we had the 2.7t back together we set about installing it into the space the 1.8t once occupied. The 2.7t fits straight onto the 1.8t engine mounts and lets just say it’s a snug fit!

Of course with a conversion on this scale it was by no means easy! One of the biggest issues is finding parts to fit and when an engine is going into a car it wasn’t designed to go in it’s very much trial and error and in some cases custom making in house.

Every care was taken to ensure that when the bonnet is opened it looks like it came out of an Audi factory like it. Will let the pictures of the install do the talking!

This was probably one of the most changeling builds we have attempted and wasn’t without problems along the way but nothing that couldn’t be overcome and the end result was very much worth it and it certainly put a big smile on the customers face everytime he fires that V6 up!

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